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What happens if I forget my password?

What is 'View Favorites'?

Am I required to have an account to add items to the site?

How can I sign up for an account?

What determines which listings appear as Featured Listings on the Home Page and main Listings page?

How can I print an item from the directory?

Is it possible to tell a friend about something found within the directory?

How can I switch the language the directory is displayed in?

What do the numbers that appear after Category and Sub-Category names mean?

Is it possible to search for events by date?

Why am I receiving an 'Account Locked' message?

What are the fields Listing ID/Event ID, Legacy ID and Updated date?

When I do a search for a larger city just 10 or 15 miles away instead of my small suburban town, I can't find my listing. Why?

I see a Facebook logo when editing my listing, but it isn't clickable. Why not?

Can I remove fields from the template that my Showcase listing has?

Can my customers give me a rating and review my services and products?

What is the GreenGain small business sustainability tool?

Can I put anything in the title of my listing?

What is the Green America Seal of Approval?

The Facebook and Twitter logos on my Basic, Premium and Showcase page are clickable, but it is asking me to log into Facebook or Twitter. Why?

How can customers use my coupon at