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Dear Friends of GenGreenLife,


We are excited today to announce a new change for all of you who have been coming to us for the last four years for us to help you “find the green in everything, locally”. GenGreen has joined forces with Green America. Now all the same great information you could find on GenGreenLife can now be found on Green America's National Green Pages® online.


Green America was one of the first partnerships GenGreen formed in 2008. For decades, Green America has been a leader in the movement to build a green economy and we are very proud to see our hard work continue on through them. 


We are so grateful to all of our partners, businesses and community members that have been a part of our existence over the years.  It has been wonderful working with all of you. 


Green America welcomes GenGreenLife businesses into the National Green Pages® online, and is working hard to make this transition for all of you as smooth as possible.


As of October 1st, 2011, our mobile app ‘FindGreen’ will no longer be in service.  In its place is the National Green Pages® mobile app, available now for both Android and iPhone.


Published annually since 1992, Green America's National Green Pages® will help you find all things green.  It is America's most trusted listing of companies working to build a green economy--one that truly values people and the planet.


Thank you for letting us be a part of the work that you do making the world a better place.


To the Future,


Charisse McAuliffe

Founder & CEO of GenGreen LLC

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That will be the beginning.
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