1. Acupuncture Medical & Research Centre, Inc.

    www.AcupunctureAustin.comAustin, TX

    Experience health care in a green-built, eco-friendly environment. Success with allergies, fertility, headaches/migraines, chemical sensitivity, stress, non-surgical facelifts and much more. Dee Ann Newbold, L.ac. has over 30 years of clinical experience to help you feel great again! We are proud to be part of your SelfCareTeam! Serving Central Texas since 1987.

  2. Hand N Hand Therapy

    www.handnhandtherapy.comArlington, VA, United States

    A holistic physical therapy and wellness clinic located in Northern Virginia that offers individualized manual therapy, lymphatic drainage, Rolfing, and fitness programs.

  3. Irwin Hoenig at Living Calmness

    www.livingcalmness.comCatonsville, MD, United States

    Providing gentle, respectful, effective therapy for musculo-skeletal, nervous system, and developmental problems. Teaching classes in self-healing, mind/body coordination and holistic health.

  4. Lake Merritt Dental

    www.lakemerrittdental.com/Oakland, CA

    Lake Merritt Dental is a comprehensive eco-friendly top rated whole oral health care clinic in Uptown Oakland, California.

  5. Moving Body Resources

    www.movingbodyresources.comNew York, NY

    Moving Body Resources offers classes, workshops, private sessions for all people, and professional rental space for wellness practitioners and teachers of all kinds.

  6. My Healthy Home®

    www.myhealthyhome.infoWhitehouse Station, NJ, United States

    National services for testing homes for mold, allergens, chemicals, safety. Physician-recommended. Also available: green building consultations, home test kits, air/water purifiers, allergy products, dehumidifiers, eco-products. Over ten years of service. A recognized resource featured in national television, radio, and print media.

  7. The Green Cross

    www.thegreencross.orgSan Francisco, CA, United States

    A registered nonprofit, public benefit corporation organized to provide members with access to quality medical cannabis products by dedicated professionals.

  8. the-way-of-nature.com

    Asheville, NC

    Explore nature's wonders, while learning unique shamanic styles of TaiJi or Qigong in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Harmonize w earthly and heavenly chi.

  9. Touch As Art

    www.touchasart.comCheverly, MD

    Your massage with Touch As Art's founder, Teresa Williams, LMT, NCTMB, will be as unique as you are.