1. Naturalyards

    www.naturalyards.comAshland, OR

    Raised-bed planters in easy-to-assemble, tool-free kits. Hundreds of size options, and customization. Cedar treated with non-toxic food safe sealant. Free nationwide shipping. Worker-owned since 1987.

  2. Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer

    www.neptunesharvest.comGloucester, MA

    Organic fertilizer, including Liquid Fish, Fish/Seaweed Blend, Straight Seaweed. Highly concentrated, extremely effective. Kelp meal, crab shell, garlic, hot pepper wax, humate, and more.

  3. Prior Unity Garden

    www.priorunitygarden.comFairfax, VA

    Easily grow delicious, fresh, organic food with eco-conscious gardens of living soil. Consultations, coaching, talks, designs, installations, maintenance, classes, garden guides, and locally sourced rockdust.

  4. Sproutamo Corp.

    www.sproutamo.comLake Mills, WI

    "The ideal fingertip garden, at home or away." Quart dual-container prevents suffocation, dehydration. Grow healthier, tastier sprouts with "plant today, harvest tomorrow" convenience.

  5. TeraGanix, Inc.

    www.teraganix.comAlto, TX

    Offers natural organic solutions that promote healthy soil for plants and crops, clean water, odor control, waste management, and healthier people and animals.

  6. Terra Nova Compost

    www.terranovacompost.com/Atlanta, GA

    Terra Nova Compost is an international compost education and consultation organization.

  7. The Ahimsa Alternative

    www.neemresource.comBloomington, MN, United States

    NimBioSys NEEM OIL Biological Insecticide, Ahimsa Organics Pure Cold Pressed OMRI Listed Neem Oil, Karanja Oil, Neem Cake, Karanja Cake, Plasma Neem Oil EC Insecticide. Neem Leaf, Neem Bark Powder. For agriculture, gardens, lawns, hydroponics. Natural skin and hair care, pet and animal care. Fair Trade, fair prices, great customer service.

  8. TomatoFest Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds

    www.tomatofest.comLittle River, CA, United States

    The ultimate resource for certified organic heirloom tomato seeds and heirloom tomatoes; 600 rare heirloom tomato varieties selected for taste and adaptability.

  9. Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative

    turtletreeseed.orgCopake, NY, United States

    Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative. Open-Pollinated & Heirloom Vegetable, Flower and Herb Seeds.