1. Ceramcor, LLC

    www.ceramcor.comToms River, NJ

    Ceramcor's Xtrema 100% ceramic cookware is the healthiest cookware for healthy eating and healthy living. Changing how the world cooks, one home at a time.

  2. SUNFLAIR Solar Ovens

    sunflair.netLa Canada, CA

    Cook with the sun. Greener, safer, healthier! Highly portable. Great for camping, boating, RV-ing, emergencies, backyard cooking, crafts. Dehydrates too. Used from Alaska to Afghanistan!

  3. TheWorldsBestNutcrackers.com

    www.TheWorldsBestNutcrackers.comRough and Ready, CA

    Handmade Handcrank Nutcrackers - Excellent all welded construction - Cracks up to 50 pounds an hour! We also have Electric and Hand Crank Nut Crackers that can crack Hard Shelled Black Walnuts & Macadamia Nuts!! We have Nut Butter Stone Grinders and Nut & Seed Cold Pressed Oil Presses & more! All made with the Best Quality Workmanship. See videos of our machines in action on our website: www.TheWorldsBestNutcrackers.com - We also sell Solar Ovens, Giant Earth Globes, Earth Flags, Handmade Sauerkraut Fermenting Crocks and several other cool products.