1. Ecology Florida

    www.ecologyflorida.orgNew Port Richey, FL

    Advances the harmonious integration of healthy, natural, cultural, and economic ecologies to reestablish a sustainable world through advocacy, education, and community outreach.

  2. End Smartphone Sweatshops, a campaign of Green America

    www.greenamerica.orgWashington, DC

    Eliminate Toxic Chemicals. Ensure Adequate Medical Treatment. End Worker Abuse.

  3. Holistic Moms Network

    www.holisticmoms.orgCaldwell, NJ

    National nonprofit organization for parents interested in holistic health and green living. More than 100 US chapters and growing, representing thousands of parents. Sponsorship opportunities available.

  4. Los Angeles Eco-Village/CRSP

    www.LAEcovillage.orgLos Angeles, CA, United States

    Demonstration urban ecovillage. Short stays, tours, presentations, sustainable living training, loan fund, food co-op, art studio, tool shop, land trust, housing cooperative, Time Bank.